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Connection Setups The RP has many different connection options. Here are some more common ways it can be used: Left mono Line Output USB port on your computer. Tone Libraries that use amps only will not provide distortion or tone changes since amps and cabinets are globally disabled. To edit amp and cabinet models, follow these steps: With stompboxes, the order in which they are connected affects the overall sound. The RP has placed the Amps and Effects in an order for optimum results.

The following diagram shows the order in which they are connected. Distortion The RP includes the tones of many popular distortion stompboxes, each of which can be fully dialed in. Distortion - Knob 1 selects a Distortion. Press this knob to turn the selected Distortion on and off.

Knobs have the following functions for the various Distortions: The amplifiers are an assortment of popular vintage and modern amp tones.

The amplifiers also include acoustic guitar simulations. Note that when you select an Amp, the default cabinet is automatically selected. Ranges from 0 to A Flanger uses the same principle as a Chorus but uses a shorter delay time and adds regenera- tion or repeats to the modulating delay. This results in an exaggerated up and down sweep- ing motion to the effect. The RP includes the following Flanger Effects: As the phasing changes, dif- ferent frequencies get canceled resulting in a warm sort of twisting sound.

The RP includes the following Phaser types: Volume - Knob 6 adjusts the volume of the effect. The RP includes the following Tremolo types: Turn counter-clockwise for Pre appears before the Distortion effect , or clockwise for Post appears after the Noise Gate effect. Intensity - Knob 4 controls the intensity of the Wah effect. The shifted note is then mixed back with the original signal, sounding as if two guitars were play- ing different notes.

Press this knob to turn the Delays on and off. It is this similarity to actual acoustic spaces that makes reverberation a useful tool in recorded music. The RP features genuine Lexicon whose rich, lush effects have been heard in countless songs, soundtracks, and live performances for decades.

Pedal calibration procedure will begin. This calibration procedure automatically starts after the factory reset procedure is com- pleted. Время задержки до 5 секунд.

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Световое и кино оборудование Световое оборудование Кинооборудование Проекторы. Аксессуары Коммутация Стойки Сценическое оборудование Чехлы и кейсы. Товары вне каталога Добавляются описания Товары без категории. Eighteen Sound HD высокочастотный драйвер. When the Expression row is s. A Ground Lift switch is provided and can be enabl. Getting Started Making Connections There are lots of ways to connect the RP to amps, effects, mixers, and other equipment. Before connecting the RP to anything, make sure both your amp and the RP are turned off.

To utilize the RP amp and. Store these changes using the Store procedure. If you try to enable the Stomp Loop but nothing is connected to the Stomp Loop jacks, the Display will briefly read nO loop. The Stomp Loop will not enable when no connections are present at these jacks. Pan channels hard left and right for proper stereo imaging. Connect the Connect the Connect the RP USB port on your computer. Then follow the steps listed below.

Turn your amp volume all the way down. Turn your amp on. Try out some of the tones in the Tone Library and then try out some effects setups with the Effects Library knob. The following steps tell you how to store changes to a preset or copy a preset to a different location: Press the Store b.