Skymaster dx 24 инструкция

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Teletext and EPG Teletext: Most channels broadcast additional information and services. The quantity and content is regulated by the channel provider. It is possible to open submenus or change settings at your receiver via this menu. You can change the layout of the OSD, add or delete channels, adapt the receiver to your satellite system, update new software via satellite and much more.

The OSD menu — overview 1. The OSD menu — overview 3. The OSD menu — channels 1. Edit channels For editing the available TV channels and radio stations. Use the [ ] buttons to select the satellites. Press the [green] button and highlight the respective channel via the [OK] button. It is also possible to select the channel by directly entering the channel position.

Toggles between upper and lowercase letters Del green button: Deletes characters OK yellow button: Saves names Cancel blue button: Exits the menu without saving 1. The OSD menu — installation 2. Installation The installation menu contains all the required settings for adapting the satellite system and saving the channels. Signal quality The signal quality is extremely important for trouble-free reception.

Always align the antenna in such a way that the signal strength and signal quality achieve the maximum level! Information on the settings is stated above 2. This search method is advisable if you only wish to store a certain channel or a certain channel package.

System settings In the system menu you can adapt the satellite receiver to the connected TV set, and set the languages for the menu and the audio playback, the time, parental lock and much more. For example, programmes which you do not wish to miss or to remind you of birthdays or anniversaries. Once, daily, weekly, monthly or They can then only be accessed via entering a 4-digit password. Select an entry and press the [OK] button.

Press the number buttons several times to select various characters. The [red] button enables you to toggle between upper and lowercase letters. Маленькое, пищащие и т. То есть удобно на крыше и т. Всю жизнь настраивался ресивером или скай-старом и не заморачивался. Угол поляризации - это V или H. Кстати не помню шо эт за набор? Поворот головки - последнее дело.

Это када все уже намертво закреплено и настроена начинают поворачивать головку, чтоб уж получить максмальнуют отдачу. А как узнать какая поляризация у тарелки,в инструкции не могу найти?

Кому может пригодится программа установки спутниковой антены http: А мне надоело смотреть одни и те же телеканалы. Я себе подключил пакет русскоязычных каналов в формате высокой четкости тут - Максимум HD. Сюда входит 25 HD каналов и более SD.